puroBIO FOR SKIN’s Project

The natural evolution of COSMETICS

In the years spent developing organic make-up, we have come to understand that the skin’swell-being also depends on the quality of make-up products.

Because if make-up has an impact on facial well-being, looking after it before and after applying make-up is equally important.

We have therefore decided to complete the products on offer, looking after every aspect of your skin’s well-being.

Obviously always maintaining our biological and natural approach.

The preview of this project took place in February 2019 with the presentation of the 12 Organic Face Masks.

These products were immediately loved by consumers, who provided an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

The above mentioned event has convinced us to accelerate the development of a true SKINCARE range.


Face Masks


Ap3 Skincare Range

We have named this range Ap3, just like the complex of antioxidant active ingredients, which we have developed and patented.

The range is composed of:

Another feature is the presence in all products, except for the cleanser, of HyaluronicAcid,; a fundamental active ingredient with highly moisturising properties.