The perfect Routine for

Goal: to cleanse, dry and mattify skin.

As a long-standing make-up manufacturer, we are well aware of the issues associated with oily skin.

Excessive production of sebumby the skin’s sebaceous glands causes a series of very annoying, unsightly and in some extreme cases, even painful blemishes.

Comedones, enlarged pores, pimples and greasy skin can be fought, or at least alleviated, with the right routine of products developed specifically for this particular issue.

So let’s see the pure skincare routine for those who have this type of skin.


Day Beauty Routine

The Day Beauty Routine provides all steps to be taken in the morning; the perfect time to wake up your skin.

The Bubble Mousse is used to cleanse the face thoroughly but gently.

The right cleansing is the first step in any self-respecting routine. In this case it is essential to eliminate excess sebum that may have formed during the night.

All Skin
puroBIO FOR SKIN Bubble Mousse
Bubble Mousse
Size 100 ml
Oily/Normal Skin
puroBIO for Skin Eye Contour Gel
Eye Contour Gel
Size 10 ml

It’s time for the Eye Contour Gel.

The Eye Contour is a very special and delicate area of the face. It continuously suffers from the effects of being exposed to weather and stress caused by facial expressions.
It must therefore be treated with a dedicated product. pureBIO FOR SKIN ‘s Gel offers double benefits: Moisturising and Anti-Fatigue.
Moisturising increases the elasticity of this facial area, while the relaxing effect deflate any eye bags and minimises dark circles.

After cleansing, it is time to apply the Face Cream.

In this case, puro BIO FOR SKIN’s sebum-normalising mattifying agent.

The composition of the cream is based on  Rice Starch, Lentisk, Vine, Ginger, Incense and tea tree oil.

All elements that will be used synergistically have normalised the production of sebum and consequently give the skin a matt and less oily appearance.

The Night Routine is used to cleanse the skin from all impurities accumulated during the day such as make-up, smog, sebum, etc. etc..

Oily Skin
puroBIO for Skin Sebo-normalising Face Cream
Sebo-normalising Face Cream
Size 30 ml

Night Beauty Routine

The Night Routine is used to cleanse the skin from all impurities accumulated during the day such as make-up, smog, sebum, etc. etc..

So after removing make-up properly (for example with puroBIO cosmetics’ Makeup Remover) we can begin our Night Beauty Routine.

The instructions are the same as for the day routine, with a small addition: that of serum.

Serum must be applied after cleansing and before applying the face cream.

Like the Cream, this Serum is also Sebo-normalizing and Mattifying.

Oily/Normal Skin
puroBIO for Skin Serum
Size 15 ml