Tipologia di pelle:



Purifies and exfoliates


The Amorphophallus Konjac is a perennial plant indigenous to China and South East Asia, which grows at high elevations in the unpolluted environment of the mountains. The konjac towel is made from the root of the plant.

Un panno completamente naturale, realizzato con radici KONJAC dalla trama extra fine.

Ideale per la pulizia di tutti i tipi di pelle, anche delle più delicate.

An all-natural towel made from KONJAC roots with extra fine texture.

Ideal for everyone’s cleansing routine, including delicate skin types.

The 6 Functions of the Konjac Cloth

  1. Cleanses deeply, eliminating impurities, dead skin cells and water-based make-up;
  2. Gently exfoliates the skin bringing natural shine;
  3. Helps in removing face masks;
  4. Easy-to-use, equipped with a practical cotton thread to hang it to dry;
  5. 100% biodegradabile, Eco-friendly e Vegan;
  6. Soft and silky when wet, ideal also for delicate skin types;


Tutte le Routine Viso:


Soften the cloth by soaking it in warm water for 3-5minutes.| Remove the water in excess by gently pressing the wet towel into hands, then massage your face with circular motions, using the cloth alone or with the aid of a mild cleansing soap.| After use, rinse the towel with warm water, gently wring it out and lay flat or hang to dry in a well-ventilated area.| *Cloth will shrink in size when dried. Reactivate with water to transform back to full size.


– Replace every 6-10 weeks. – Do not use the towel when dried. – Do not leave the towel in the shower or on wet surfaces. – Do not wash in the washing machine.

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