for Skin

The Organic Face Masks

by puroBIO

After 5 years focused entirely on the development of the most comprehensive range of Organic make-up, we decided to take care of the skin beyond the make-up.

This is why we have created a new line of products, an offshoot of the Cosmetics line, the new “for Skin” line  

For Skin is a line of completely Organic Face Masks composed of 4 Types of Masks.

For each type of mask we gave the name of a Woman, with precise and specific features and characters.

Brenda, Miranda, Kelly and Olivia are the names of our MaschereVisoBiologiche, two of which are dedicated to those with oily or blemished skin, and two to those with drier and more delicate skin.

The masks for dry skin and those for oily skin are available in two types:

  • In ready-to-use Cream 
  • In peel-off  alginate Powder to be mixed with water.

All our masks exclusively contain ingredients that are natural and certified organic by CCPB, they are Nickel Tested and 100% Vegan.