Discover puroBIO FOR SKIN’s New line: Ap3

The evolution of pureBIO continues, following make-up and face masks we felt the need to complete the offer of skin well-being products, also thinking about what comes before and after make-up.


This is how puroBIO FOR SKIN’s Ap3® Line was conceived.


 The first Skincare designed and created by puroBIO.

The name “Ap3® Complex” comes from the name of our brand-new antioxidant complex, developed by puroBIO, which represents the added value of the entire range of products.

Clearly, this new skincare range also includes all features that have always set pureBIO products apart from the rest, which are:  Bio certified by CCPB, Nickel Tested and Vegan Ok.

All puroBIO FOR SKIN products

This new range is composed of 9 new products that are added to the 12 face masks.

Discover puroBIO FOR SKIN’s beauty routine

Oily Skin

Clean, dry and mattify

Dry Skin

Moisturise, illuminate and soften skin

Normal Skin

Preserve, protect, moisturise

Mature Skin

Moisturise, illuminate, protect

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